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IU Creative

…is a St. Louis-based creative agency that approaches marketing with a fresh form of optical fusion in digital, print, and web design. We are a full-service agency that strives to develop your company’s brand, sell your product, tell your story, and ultimately improve your bottom line.
Graphic Design & Web Design
Video Production
Marketing & Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Art & Creative Direction
Social Media Marketing
Digital Media Marketing


Since 1993

IU Creative has lots of experience...and in lots of different areas in the field of marketing communications: print design, environmental graphics, animation, videography, audio, SEO optimization, social media marketing, UI/UX design, and branding, to name a few.



Digital Mastery


It's a digital world these days. Design requires a whole new skill set and iU has the expertise required in a large and growing number of software applications. We have and know how to use the latest digital tools for video post-production, audio recording and editing, web and multimedia development, and, of course, graphic design and production.

Team Approach

Expert Generalists

Each of the iU team members specialize in a particular skill, whether signage and wayfinding design, branding, video capture and editing, website design, or search engine optimization. But what makes our team approach much more powerful is that each of our team members has expertise in several areas, allowing for a crossover of ideas and a truer collaboration on every project.


Make Your Promotional Needs a Reality